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Export from Poland to Iceland Mischke


About our company

Our company sells high quality construction products in Iceland. We serve companies and
individual clients. The range includes among others, PVC windows, wooden and aluminum
windows, floor panels, wooden floors, external doors, both wooden and steel, kitchens, granite,
marbles and wooden elements. The products we sell are the result of innovation, perfection,
imagination and advanced technology. We sell products i.a. from Erkado, Komfort and Jawor.
We work with a wide range of producers, we offer attractive prices and the ability to order goods
not listed in the official inventory.

We help in the selection of materials for individual customer needs and organize transport and
customs clearance.

The goods are delivered to the port in Reykjavik, where the person representing our company
will take care of all the formalities related to checking the quality of the goods and, in the case of
small loads, transferring orders to customers who collect their cargo on the designated day. If
the customer does not collect the goods on the agreed date, the goods are stored in the
warehouse at the expense of the customer. We always make every effort to process customs
clearance in Reykjavik for all incoming loads, but with a large number of orders on a given day,
it may happen that the customs clearance of small loads will be on the buyers side.

In the case of full containers, customs clearance is always the responsibility of the company.

In addition, when filling the entire 20' or 40' container, for an additional fee, we are able to deliver
the order to the address indicated in Iceland, which is not possible with small orders.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.