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Export from Poland to Iceland Mischke


The goods are transported by sea and the destination port is Reykjavik. The customer receives
information from us when the goods depart from Poland.

In the case of an order filling the entire container, after the goods have been manufactured, the
cargo leaves Poland on the nearest ferry. Sea transport from Poland to Iceland usually takes 11 days.

Since containers are shipped once they are filled, smaller orders may take longer to arrive, as they depend on the filling of the container they are in. However, we often complete orders in containers in cooperation with other befriended companies and, as a result, cargo from Poland generally departs once a month.

Due to the wide variety of orders, the price of transport depends on a particular load.
When filling the entire 20' or 40' container, for an additional fee, we are able to deliver your order to the address indicated

in Iceland.